Language Services That Make You a Better Health Professional


We understand the frustration you experience of not being understood by your patients or understanding their needs. Communication is the bedrock of healthcare.

We bridge the gap to ensure mutual understanding, making you a better health professional.

Given limited funding for language services, we’ve compiled some free resources below that can improve how you work with limited English proficiency (LEP) patients.

Working with a third party of course brings up concerns regarding HIPAA, so here is some information to ease your concerns:

  • Our translators are experienced, trained, and certified at translating a range of medical documents.
  • They are sworn to confidentiality.
  • We are available to immediately sign any additional non-disclosure documents.

We are serving medical providers located locally in Denver, Colorado and around the world.



Some of the Document Types We Can Help You With:


  • Case report forms
  • Clinical protocols and trial agreements
  • Contracts
  • Data sheets
  • Informed consent forms
  • Manufacturing and process descriptions
  • Medical articles and journals
  • Operating instructions
  • Packaging information and labelling
  • Patient registries, information and reported outcomes
  • Psychiatric reports
  • Questionnaires
  • Research papers
  • Treatment guidelines
  • Websites

Free Resources for Medical Professionals Working with LEP Individuals

Feel free to contact us if you would like us to research any additional resources. We are here to help you.

Federal Resources


For Medicare Providers

Working with Interpreters

Sample Paperwork

Identifying Languages of LEP Patients

  • I Speak  – PDF– Language Identification Guide. (A collaboration between the State of Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services, the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, and the American Translators Association)

Working with LEP Patients

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