We would like to welcome our 2017 Board of Directors & Staff! Check out their descriptions to learn how they will be contributing to our mission of increasing language access!

Danielle Kerchmar, Founder & Executive Director


Hi! My name is Danielle Kerchmar, and I am the founding president of TinCan Translations.

I was lead to this venture via my background in international relations and humanitarian studies. I graduated from the University of NC Greensboro with a BA in International Studies and from the University of Denver with an MA in International Administration. Working with international nonprofits after my degrees, I became interested in the issues around immigrants living in the U.S. My personal experiences living overseas, including serving as a TEFL Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine, led me to understand the difficulty in accessing services when you don’t speak the local language.

In my free time, I like to practice Russian and Spanish, cook, go camping, and hiking. Also, I recently started learning to play the ukulele. My favorite book is Little Daughter by Zoya Phan, and my favorite movie is Second Hand Lions.

I am passionate about the work we do at TinCan Translations, and I want to be as accessible as possible. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time!

You can contact me at

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Angela Toney, Board President


Hi! I’m Angela Toney, Board President of TinCan Translations.

I come to this organization following years of community service and nonprofit work in literacy, healthy school environments, and women’s rights.

Throughout my career as a sales professional and my experiences working with various communities, I’ve had the opportunity to see how social responsibility and business are intertwined and how empowering people can create successes that ripple outward to create an even larger positive impact.

I’m excited to be a part of TinCan Translations and the critical role this organization plays in helping people maintain their dignity in otherwise uncertain times and supporting equity on a larger scale.

Please feel free to reach out anytime!

You can contact me at

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Josh Pearl, Board Vice-President


Hello!  My name is Josh Pearl, and I am the Board Vice-President of Tin Can Translations.

I am currently a primary school teacher in Thailand.  I may teach all subjects, but my focus is teaching English as a foreign language, and this has helped me realize the importance of accessibility of languages.  Not only the accessibility but, the accuracy of intention of a language whether it is spoken or written.  I have lived abroad for two years now and, while misunderstandings can be humorous and always worth a good tale, they can also be frustrating and overwhelming at times.  A well-versed translation is invaluable.

I attended the University of Wyoming and, after school, worked with the Colorado State University before moving abroad.  The academic environment served me well and gave me a great experience.

In my free time, I continue exploring as often as possible and still have so much of this world I want to see.  Learning languages, running, and building relationships with the people around me are things I enjoy.

My favorite book is The Stand by Stephen King and my favorite movie is Fight Club.

You can contact me at

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Josh Keefe, Board Treasurer


My name is Josh Keefe, and I am the current Board Treasurer for TinCan Translations.

I attended the University of Wyoming obtaining a Finance degree (minors in Accounting and Religious Studies).  I then took a job at a newly formed bank in January of 2008 and worked there for almost nine years, helping to grow that bank to the state’s third largest, state-chartered bank as a commercial and consumer loan officer.  In March of 2016, I took a job at the Wyoming Business Council as the State’s Economic Development Finance Manager.  I analyze companies interested in coming to Wyoming, participate with Wyoming banks for economic development projects, and manage the industrial development bond program and the small business investment credit program.

I’ve had extensive non-profit experience with seven years on the Healthworks (fka Cheyenne Health and Wellness Center) Board of Directors, holding all executive positions for seven years.  Healthworks is an FQHC (federally qualified health center) working to provide primary health care to the insured, uninsured and underinsured population.  We were able to grow the clinic to a one-stop shop with health, dental and pharmacy services on site for about 5,000 individual patients per year.

In my free time, I like to do projects and outdoor activities, including skiing, boating and working on the house.  We also have a family business and two kids that keep us busy.  I like to be involved in the community, including having graduated from Leadership Cheyenne and been part of the Cheyenne Professional Network.  I am excited to join TinCan Translations and provide a service to those around the world who need it.

You can contact me at

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Nikki Christakos, Board Secretary


Hi! I am Nikki Christakos, and I am excited to work as the Board Secretary!

I graduated from Greensboro College summa cum laude in August 2013 with a dual degree in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice.

I have ample experience in the non-profit realm, including my current position as the Operations Manager at The Out of the Garden Project. During my four years with Out-of-the Garden Project, our organization has tripled in size. Before this position, I worked with the AmeriCorps Partnership to End Homelessness. Both positions allow me to see the importance of language access, especially when trying to have your basic needs met.

When I have free time, I like to read, go camping, hiking, or go see a live show.

You can contact me at

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