We are committed to transparency. That’s why we will be posting all of our non-confidential documents here.

If you think there is a document missing that should be here, let us know in the comments. We ask for your patience as they must first be approved by our board, and we are all volunteers who have other full-time jobs and families.

We are a Colorado registered nonprofit organization.

Founding Documents – Adopted January 6, 2017


TinCan Translations – Conflict of Interest Policy and Agreement

TinCan Translations – Bylaws

TinCan Translations – Original Articles of Incorporation

TinCan Translations – Amended Articles of Incorporation

TinCan Translations – Form 1023

TinCan Translations – Form 1023 Schedule H

TinCan Translations – Form 1023 Attachments

Board Meetings

February 17, 2017

TinCan Translations_Meeting Minutes_02.17.17

January 6, 2016

TinCan Translations_Meeting Minutes_01.06.17

TinCan Translations_Meeting Agenda_01.06.17



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